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About Us

The idea of MediQ was born out of the Quest to render Quality medical services at most affordable cost. With rational use of our resource base , technological Know-how and the support of a dedicated team of doctors and and paramedic staffs, We intend to develop a health care centre where a patient-centric human & rational approach will prevail over profit-driven mechanical system.

We have made humble beginning in the field of Diagnostic & Clinical Consultation. We believe this kind of service with impeccable standard & quality should be located at the point of care.In majority of cases,your blood or other body fluids need not flow down an intricate network of channels to get tested from a far-off location. Rather many a tests require to be done immedietly after collection.

We believe human interaction between patients and Doctors & Laboratory personnels is the most reliable way to obtain clinical history and medication related information which can guide our technical experts and medical consultants to arrive at correct interpretation. Our responsibility never ends with just doing the tests, we often communicate with your physician so that he/she can take your care in time & effectively.

We believe patients have right to know abut the type of test and quality of the test that he is supposed to undergo. Our staffs will always be happy to give you relevant information/clarification.

Though MediQ is private initiative, It,s people-centric mode of operation presuppose that it,s future growth is closely linked with the unwavering trust and support you have reposed on us.